07 April 2007


If the name Scroobius Pip isn't familiar to you, jump back a few days to THIS POST or follow the links at the bottom of this post. Given the ever-increasing attention he's getting, I was surprised he spared the time for me and he was so damn nice. Anyhow, here's the interview:

What’s behind the name Scroobius Pip?

Its taken from an Edward Lear poem of the same name. The basic story is of a creature in the jungle that doesnt know what it is so it tries going with the lions for abit, then the fishes, then the insects, etc. In the end it realises it is simply a Scroobius Pip

"What calms a drunken scuffle better than a sonnet?"
How old were you and why did you write your first poem?
Its really hard to say. Ive been writing lyrics since i was about 12 but I didnt realise that they were poems too in a way. Something doesnt neccesarily have to be spoken for it to be poetic.

What makes you laugh?
Loads of stuff! Karl Pilkington, Scrubs, the Tick, The adventures of Pete and Pete, The White haired kid from Eerie Indianna. Its a pleasantly long list that just keeps going.

What makes you cry?
Not an awful lot specifically. Havent had much cause to cry of late really.

What kind of pictures do you draw?
Well i was a stencil artist for quite sometime and ended up drawing more and more pictures of people in film/art/music/tv that i respect.

What’s your reaction to the new talking surveillance cameras? (Perhaps they could read poetry?)
Would that be nice! What calms a drunken scuffle better than a sonnet? I havent thought about them to much but i think they could help in some situations purely because it shows that they are manned. But will that then just mean the unmanned ones are pretty much ignored?

"Thou Shalt give equal worth to tragedies that occur in non-English speaking countries as to those that occur in English speaking countries" – Why do you think this is?
This happens because of how the media over here is. Generally, if it doesnt concern us or there isnt much we can do then its easier to just not mention it. Thats the media for you. Atleast we have a better run at things than the American public though. Clear Channel pretty much use the media as a advertising tool.

I noticed that images of Vincent Gallo crop up a lot around you; you’re a fan then?
Yeah definately. He's a legend. Buffalo 66 is my favourite film of all time.

Who are your favourite poets and/or musicians? And why?
Poets- American - Sage Francis, Gil Scott Heron, Saul Williams.
UK - Polar Bear, Poem Inbetween People, Nial Spooner Harvey
As for the whys? Take a listen to any of these guys and its pretty clear.

What do you think about digital art?
Any art is a positive thing in my humble opinion!
"The beauty of poetry is anyone can write it."
What’s your advice to the budding poets out there?
Write, write and write. And if you want to...perform. There is a great variety of open mic nights out there. The beauty of poetry is anyone can write it. It doesnt have to rhyme and there are no rules. You just need to have something to express.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
An astrounaught?
No not really. Strange you ask though because i just recorded a new track with a guy called Yila on that exact subject so instead of answer i will just suggest you seek out our myspaces and it should be up in the next week or two!
Shameless self promotion!


Thanks, Scroobius Pip. What a diamond you are.

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